Christmas Time is Here!

Su’p guys its Connor with a new post. Thursday Dec. 8th was my birthday, and Christmas is coming!

Christmas is a time of hapiness, joy, and giving. I like to give to the poor, and help the wounded.

Most kids think it’s about the presents, and getting, but its about giving, and family.

We have to stay safe during this time. I’ve heard of people stealing decorations….. Thats just mean.

I like to get others presents and other awesome stuff.

Some people have the most amazing decorations!

I’ll share more with you guys later. -Connor

Fall Time for us Michiganders!

Its the cold time again the great wolverine state!

                                                                                               I would say the biggest thing about Autumn here is leaves.





                                                                                              My favorite part is spending time with friends and our family!


Thanksgiving Break!

   Hello to all in the Thanksgiving mood! I would like to remind you that although most of us have the 5 days off, we have to still stay safe and give thanks for everything we have. Also, we have a new friend for Thanksgiving, Tom The Turkey! After Thursday, My birthday will come up, and then Christmas, or what ever else you celebrate. My next post will come in December. Most likely the 8th. Until then, this has been Connor and Tom the Turkey! Buh-Bye! -Connor

Gobble, Gobble!

We Have A Mascot!!

Guess what? We have a mascot!

Here he is!


                                                        His name is Rex! He is 1 Ft. tall, loves meat, and Orange Soda. He loves blogging, so be aware!

                                                        If you want to talk to Rex, post a comment on this, and He’ll reply! Share anything with him!

                                                                                                                   Have Fun! -Connor